Prosperity-The Formula of How to Make Money

Francis Carter here and I learn an interested thing the other day. I was sitting in front of my computer watching a video on how I can generate or get $3,000.00 instantly deposited into my bank account and here is what I learn but before I get in to that let me ask you a question? How do you define prosperity? I mean really think about that what does the word mean to you?

What is Prosperity?

The dictionary defines prosperity as the condition of being successful or thriving. Now I am pretty sure that there are lots of people that would agree to that and for me I feel thats  a fair assessment for prosperity. Matter of fact I created a ebook to help people in their raise to prosperity. I entitle it "How to strive and survive in the "New Economy"-The missing link to your financial success" It describe the skills one need in order to kick ass in this economy. I am temporary offering it for free for some of mines attendees who recently attended a webinar of mines and although you may not have attend that webinar I'm going to extend this invitation to you as well.  If you would like a copy of your own for free then leave me a comment  with the best email address and I'd shoot you a link

 Prosperity and Sam

The other day I learn about a person by the name of Sam. Now Sam is a regular person  like any one else.  Sam credit cards are max out. Sam was missing out on valuable family time. Sam was missing out on watching the kids grow up. Sam worked a job where Sam felt over work and under paid and began to look for a way out. Watch the video below to see what Sam does to find prosperity.

The Prosperity Team and Responsibility

There is a scripture that I love. It from Joshua chapter 1 verse 8.  It says This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you  shalt meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.  In the video above Sam was looking for a way out of Sam's situation and Sam learned about The Prosperity Team  and that Prosperity is a forumla and when you learn the formula financial prosperity is possible. Joshua 1:8 teaches two things:

1:Prosperity is the responsibility of the individual. You see God didn't tell Joshua that God himself will make him prosperious . God didn't say that his son Jesus nor Joshua  family members or friends will make Joshua prosperous. God said "You" Joshua will make your way prosperous

2: Success is not all good.  God told Joshua Then you will have good success. if all success was good then why use the words good success. You only use the word good to distinguish form something bad. So there is such a thing as bad success.

On the Prosperity Team you learn the formula of prosperity and the things that should not depart from your mouth which when you meditate in it day and night you will make your way prosperous and you will have good success.

Learn the Prosperity Formula

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